By | April 20, 2017

Body- When we talked about the body of smartphone there is some aspects comes in mind i.e. the dimensions of smartphone, weight, build material, and other functions the mobile body contains.

Dimensions: Dimensions is termed as what is length , breadth and height of smartphone body, and we provide the dimensions in cm, mm & inch.

Weight: Weight is termed as how much the weight of smartphone Body, and we provide the weight of smartphone in  gram, carat, ounce.

SIM: The term SIM is the abbreviation of ‘Subscriber Identity Module’. It is an integrated circuit in which the ‘service-subscriber key’ (‘IMSI’) store is essential for mobile telephony on mobile phones or Smartphones. SIM card is also a source that saves the data of users includes user identity, network authorization data, personal security pin, contact lists, location and phone number and stored text messages. So in the final words, the SIM size is of 3 types. Which contains the most standard size (25 * 15 mm), with a small Micro size (12 * 15 mm) and a small Nano size (8.8 * 12.3 mm).

SIM Slots: Sim slots informed us about a particular smartphone body accepts Single SIM, Dual SIM or more i.e 1, 2 or 3.

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