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One of the basic and very highly sought-after equipment of all smartphones, is the Camera. Mobile camera works as a digital camera. Camera in smartphone has the quality that can capture very good photos and also shoot videos. Right now, we know the name of smartphones or android smartphones, but some years ago nobody used to say so. All people used to call the camera phones.

The cameras have the pride of any smartphones. With the help of smartphones today, we can shoot hd recordings, and take good quality images, make a video call and has the ability to done some other works. In today’s android smartphones we can shoot HD, Full HD or 4K videos with the maximum resolution and framerate (frames per second or fps).

Smartphone camera is seen according to the MP. MP means Mega Pixel. As much the megapixel of smartphone, as much the image comes in detail. When it comes main features of camera in the smartphone are Camera Megapixels, Resolution, Focus type (auto or fixed), Flash availability (single, dual, xenon or other type), Zoom (digital or optical), CMOS sensor and many others..

Autofocus: A feature of mobile camera that enables them to focus properly on object.

Fixedfocus: A focus which is not adjustable means the camera focus is about to a particular distance by the manufacturer.

LED: A semiconductor diode that emits light when charged with electricity.

Resolution: A term that refers to the number or quantity of pixels on a someone smartphone camera sensor. If a smartphone has better resolution camera suggests that additional pixels in smartphone camera and additional pixels offer the power to shows good clarity and lot of details in image.

Zoom:  is used to make the subject seem nearer.

CMOS: CMOS is one of major type of image sensor technology used in digital cameras.

As a digital camera in smartphones puts in two spots, as a primary camera i.e. back camera and secondary camera i.e. front camera.

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