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Battery: Standby time, Talktime

When you are going to purchase a smartphone the battery of phone is also the main aspect. So its pretty nedeed to know about battery? What the battery talktime? What the battery standby time? Battery is the source of electrical energy that…Read More »

Smartphone | Mobile

Mobile? Smartphone? Smartphone is a word that has become a part of our life today and hardly anyone would haven’t used the smartphone. But have you ever wondered what the smartphone is, what is its features, and why is it called a…Read More »


The web browser is an application software that is installed on one device and when the device connects to the Internet, then the web browser starts working. Internet and web browsers are connected to each other, without the internet, we can use…Read More »


Using Bluetooth,¬†mobile phones, computers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) can be conected in short-range without wire. Bluetooth is a global wireless communication standard that connects devices on a fixed distance. We can say this technically and explain that Bluetooth is a wireless…Read More »


WLAN / WiFi WiFi Stands for – Actually whenever it comes to WiFi, people think that it will be somebody full form and some people think WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity but there is no full form of WiFi in reality. Wireless…Read More »


RAM means Random Access Memory. In the same way, Ram works in the computer as well, and in the same way, Ram works in the Android. Whatever application you have, when running, it happens in Ram. So the more RAM your mobile,…Read More »

ROM (Internal Memory)

ROM (Read Only Memory / Internal Memory) ROM is Read Only Memory In the internal storage, a specific part is made ROM, which is not accessible to users and can not be written on it, it is called Read Only Memory. The…Read More »


Chipsets are a named group of microchips that are designed to do different types of work. Which works to connect the external devices to the processor. So easy to say in words When a separate circuit controller is placed in one chip,…Read More »


GPU “Graphics Processing Unit” Now a days, a new kind of processor is being used in computers and mobile phones, which makes your computer and mobile performance much better than before. The name of this new processor is GPU The name of…Read More »


The CPU‘s full form is “Cebtral Processing Unit“. CPU, a processor or microprocessor is a small chip mounted on the mobile¬†or electric device’s motherboard. Its basic work is to take input and process it by producing output. It can be very small…Read More »