By | January 14, 2019

Realmi is rolling out a new smartphone after the other blockbuster to strengthen its grip in the Indian market. The news is coming out that the company is now working on Realmi 3. Currently the company’s Realmi 2, Realmi U1, Realmi 2 Pro and Realmi C1 are available in Indian markets.

Apart from Realmi 3, it is said that the company is also working on a 48-megapixel camera phone. This new model will directly hit the recently launched Redmi Note 7, which is equipped with a 48-megapixel camera sensor. It is not clear whether the upcoming 48 megapixel smartphone will be part of Realmi 3 series or not.

On the other side, Motorola and Huawei are also working with 48 megapixel camera phones. Upgrade version of Realmi 2 can be Realmi 3, What will be the price and specifications of Realmi 3, at this moment it is still behind the curtain.

In a recent report, it was claimed that the company could launch the Realmi A1 smartphone. The price of this new model can be around 10,000 rupees but it is expected to be lower than Realme U1.

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